Jonathan Skinner

playwright / screenwriter

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The Assistant

An extract from Jonathan's one-act play was performed to a packed house at Greenwich Theatre on 4 Feb 2013 as part of LINE UP, produced by Vertical Line Theatre.


ANNA.................Anna Nicholson

STUART..............Samuel Lawrence


Directed by Zoe Sharp

"Another highlight was the hilarity of Jonathan Skinner’s The Assistant, directed by Zoe Sharp. Samuel Lawrence portrayed an agoraphobic schizophrenic with intense energy, contrasting with sweetly patronising Anna (Anna Nicholson) who was an interactive computer hologram. The writing really stood out here with its gradual development, unravelling at a pleasing pace."


Sarah Milton, The Upcoming 







"Jonathan Skinner’s The Assistant is a thoroughly enjoyable duet, as an increasingly amused home-bound geek discovers that the virtual assistant on his new iMac is more than he bargained for as she materializes in front of his very eyes. It took all of us to the end to realize that the pretty assistant was only a projection of his schizophrenic mind."


Everything Theatre









"The audience was buzzing. And by the time we sat down I was bemused to see a completely full house. We watched seven extraordinarily tight pieces of new writing by Olga Nikora, Caroline Dixev, Lucinda Burnett, Jonathan Skinner, Stacey Haber and David Hofberg, Elizabeth Muncey, and Andrew Maddock."


Chris Grady, WhatsOnStage


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