Jonathan Skinner

playwright / screenwriter

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Nicely written and well acted, Buff contains interesting ideas...  A really enjoyable piece.


 A neat reversal of contemporary mores.

 Everything Theatre

...a very funny but poignant play...

Michael Davis, Female Arts

...a very clever piece,  with great dialogue, all done with a very light touch.


It's very funny ... delightfully insightful ...

the subtext is spot on.  

It's very well formed indeed.


Phil Gladwin

Screenwriting  Goldmine

."A bloody good script."

Derek Webb

Artistic Director Pint-sized Plays

...quirky and touching ... funny, perhaps even lightly romantic but with a healthy dose of cynicism...

LGBTQ Arts & Culture Review

Funny, refreshing...  Loved it.

Theatre Royal, Stratford East

 ... often witty ... sharply-honed ... laugh out loud.

 Very polished production - StageTalk Magazine

"The writing is  sharp and funny"    

Plays To See

"From the very minute we started the rehearsal, right through to the end, we laughed like loons. It's an incredibly funny script. I went home with an aching stomach and a stupid grin on my face. The play reduced me to hysterical tears. It was definitely my favourite piece of the week. It is such a brilliant piece of writing and I had the most fun performing it."

Natalie Castka, actor


"I like this clever two-hander because it isn't predictable and has a brilliant twist."

Nic Early


"Jonathan Skinner's Futures was a great winner ... wittily written ... fresh characterisation ... well observed detail and much humour."

Questors Theatre Board of Trustees

INDIGNITAS was one of the hits from Short+Sweet Theatre this year.  Arguably the best script of the festival.

Short+Sweet Sydney electrifying night of theatre.        If you're lucky enough to be in Sydney at the moment, get yourself along to the King Street Theatre.

Lisa Thatcher

Australian Film Critics Association

INDIGNITAS written by the UK's Jonathan Skinner and directed by Rosemary Ghazi. Voluntary euthanasia with 2-for-1 discount offered.

Sydney Arts Guide

Another special mention would have to be FINDERS KEEPERS by Jonathan Skinner.


A smart, cleverly constructed and genuinely funny mini-comedy.  I loved how two parallel stories were told.  


Each character was well thought-out and the 15 minutes were crafted so tightly...  I'd love to see what this guy could do with an hour or so." -


"Jonathan Skinner's KIND is a consummately structured piece and my favorite of the six shows."


The Oxford Student

"Another highlight was the hilarity of Jonathan Skinner's THE ASSISTANT.  The writing really stood out here."

The Upcoming

  Jonathan Skinner's THE ASSISTANT is a thoroughly enjoyable duet - Everything Theatre

"The audience was buzzing. And by the time we sat down I was bemused to see a completely full house. We watched seven extraordinarily tight pieces of new writing." - What's On Stage

“…well plotted and well written with a very good twist at the end.”


Cecily Ware Literary Agents

“…an intriguing, focussed psychological drama that’s professionally executed”.


– BBC Writersroom


 “…a really great story and well written.”

 – Euroscript

"...clearly an accomplished writer – there were points where I really was just enjoying it as a reader rather than an editor. Some lovely moments of black comedy”

– Random House

 ...utterly charming...

 fresh and original. 

 Conville & Walsh

  Literary Agents

"...high quality new writing ... complex and sensitively written ... an insightful perspective on a flawed relationship."

"A hilarious and accurately depressing piece of social commentary"

“…written brilliantly by Jonathan Skinner … ending on a high and definitely left us wanting more.”

- The London Reviewer

"...some great comic lines..."

- London Pub Theatres

"A sweet story..."

- @MindTheBlog

 "I thought this was outstanding."

 Kenneth Branagh New Drama Writing Award

 ... strong intersting characters.  Great character   chemistry.  The writing really took us on a journey.

Tom Stocks - Actor Awareness


"...fabulous writing.  The comedy moments were great."


PMA London

"... works perfectly as a standalone piece." @MindTheBlog